men care

Men's Fragrances

Whether eau de toilette , eau de parfum or the classic aftershave , all qualities are available . There are a wide variety of fragrance offered variations of fresh herb to floral mint .
The package offer is subject to the respective requirements. Frosted bottles or metalised closures in square or classic, men's style with appropriate carton give your products an appealing optical image .
Matt finish / Men file

The top coat for men fingernails have a matte finish . High quality clear coat quality in a men design bottle .
Especially for the men's we offeres files with print in the respective logos, grit in 120/180 .
Men shower gel / shampoo

Explore the shower gel or shampoo with quality proteins and vitamins in men fragrances.
For the promotion area attractive tubes are offered , which are available in different colors and markings .
Shampoo / shower gel as an example in tubes
Men's skin care creams

Here different types of packaging and refinements are possible. Recipes are changed after each customer needs and requirements. Qualities of each under the regulations of the european cosmetics directive .Men fragrances and rich agents are available as a men's hand cream, body cream or after shave balm .
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