nail polishes/nail care

nail polishes

Determine your own nail polish color to your corporate colors , according to the Pantone color chart, RAL color chart or send us your desired color easily . Choose between pearl- and cream paint , glitter- and Neonpolishes , crackle- and special mirror coatings.

nail polish bottles

Vote out your own nail polish bottle from a wide selection . Of 5-25 ml with black , white , gold or silver caps, or we offer also metalised closures . Various designs are available .

natural nail care

Many natural nails need the support of nail care products. It offers an extensive product range for the soft , brittle or cracked nails in the form of vitamin - high quality protein and other ingredients. Also offered cuticle care products.

The natural nail and cuticle can also be maintained with handy and practical nourishing pens . Whether are very popular for intensive care with Aloe Vera pens. Additional we offer daily " Softeners " applications for embrittled nails.
nail polish base products

Standard products are available as top coat in "high gloss " quality, botanical nourishers , ridge filler, UV hardeners , matte finish or nail cuticle softeners.
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