bio cosmetics

  Organic cosmetics, bath products

These high-quality organic bath prepare a fragrant , creamy bathing in the tub. Precious quality olive oil and cocoa butter nourish the skin with essential nutrients and care , provide the important moisturizing the skin after the bath and make the skin soft , supple and smooth. Wonderfully fragrant, pure essential oils, the ideal unfold through the heat of the bath water , underline this feel-good experience !
  Bio soaps

The production of the subject biosoaps purely vegetable raw materials and are thus good skin compatibility . We use only botanical / herbal oils. The soaps are available Bathoil
in small for hotels or in pieces for 100gr .
  Bio bath oils

The bath oils are offered purely herbal substances.

Our recipes live by the high quality of natural raw materials. Of these , the care with which they are grown and processed . We give the floor even more than we take. In the LA FAME organic cosmetics at the ingredients combine into complex compositions that are more than the sum of its parts . It is in conjunction and supported by rhythmic manufacturing process of our products maintain their unique qualities with which they stimulate the natural activity of the skin .

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