SPA /Wellness

  SPA , wellness

Historically SPA is Latin for " sana per aquam " = health through water . Now it seems that even SPA treatments with oils , essential oils , mud wraps, sea salt , seaweed , etc. , so everything that promotes health and well -being. Today SPA is also synonymous with beauty farm, Tagesschönheitsfarm (English " Day Spa " ) and used beauty salon with spa services. The spa treatments
are carried out in the Institute with special SPA products. At home, the daily beauty should follow up on this to achieve optimal long-term success . LA FAME brands SPA Special offers on products.
  Body Lotion

The LA FAME SPA body lotions are full-bodied , yet lightweight, supple emulsions on the basis of valuable vitamins and natural oils such as apricot kernel oil, macadamia oil , jojoba oil and vitamin E. They are free of perfume, but with the special effects of the specific for each body lotion aromatherapy oil . Depending on personal preference , you have four body lotions , each with a specific aroma oil to choose from.
    Bath Oils

The high-quality preparations contain valuable nourishing oils and active ingredients , which are subsequently named precisely in the individual bath oils.
  body Oils

The body oils were designed on the basis of apricot kernel oil. To each of the body 's own oils essential oils each have very specific effects on the skin, body , soul and spirit . They maintain , soothe , revitalize and / or refresh the skin . The body oils are also ideal for massage. The skin then has better circulation , smoother and firmer
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